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Topaz Enhance 2.2


     Category: Graphics & Multimedia

Description of
Topaz Enhance
As an After Effects plug-in, Topaz Enhance has ten the most advanced filters that dramatically improves the quality of videos. The breakthrough technologies used in this software are not found anywhere else and can affect a distinct improvement in any of your projects. The avid video professional will find Topaz Enhance to be an invaluable tool for substantially improve video quality. With Topaz Enhance, you can:
* De-interlace videos: Topaz Enhance uses an advanced motion-compensated method that results in high-resolution progressive videos with few de-interlacing artifacts.
* Double the frame rate of interlaced video: With higher frame rate video, your slow-mo and time-warp effect will look much smoother.
* Increase video resolution: such as converting SD (480i/480p) video into HD (720p/1080p) video. CIF (240p) to SD (480p). Topaz Enhance uses a super-resolution approach that explores information from many frames to synthesize a high-resolution video.
* Convert Formats, e.g., NTSC to PAL, PAL to NTSC, or NTSC to 24 FPS for a “film look.”
* Reduce compression artifacts caused by codecs such as Motion JPEG, miniDV, MPEG etc.
* Suppress noise with a variety of advanced filters. You will even find that some previously obscured details will become visible.
* Enhance edges and details of low quality videos. With Topaz Enhance filters, you do this without the
usual noise amplification and edge ringing.
* Fix color bleeding such as those caused by color sub-sampling of 4:2:0, or analogy video. This unique capability can make other post-production task such as matting a lot easier.
* Enhance analog videos to near-DV quality.
* Create Smooth-looking effect which make nice portray-like video.
* Make line accentuated scene.
* Produce flat-looking effect.
Topaz Enhance works with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Eyeon Digital Fusion on Windows OS only.
Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
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Author: Topaz Labs LLC
Price: $349
File Size: 2.7 MB
Downloads: 54

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